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This website , like most Web sites, uses cookies to improve and optimize the user experience . Below you will find detailed information on what are the " Cookies" , what types use this website , how you can turn them off in your browser and how to specifically block the placing of cookies by third parties.


What are Cookies and how do you use ?

Cookies are files that web site or application you use installed on your browser or in your device (smartphone , tablet or connected TV ) during your journey through the pages or by the application, and are used to store information about your visit . Like most Internet sites , use cookies to :

- Ensure that web pages can run correctly

- Store your preferences , such as language you have selected or the font size .

- Know your browsing experience .

- Compile anonymous statistical information , such as which pages you have seen or how long you've been in our midst .

The use of cookies allows us to optimize your surfing , adapting the information and the services offered to your interests, to provide a better experience whenever we visit. Websites such as use cookies to function , adapt and facilitate user 's browsing .

Cookies are only associated with an anonymous user and your computer / device and do not provide references that reveal personal data. At any time you can access the settings of your browser to modify and / or block the installation of cookies sent by , without preventing access to the contents . However, the quality of performance of the Services may be affected.

Users who complete the registration process and are logged with your access data can access personalized services tailored to your preferences based on personal information provided at the time of registration and the cookie stored in your browser .

Tools email - marketing use small images invisible to users who are included in the emails . This technology allows us to know if an email has been read or not, on what date , IP address from which you have been consulted, etc. . With this information , we conducted statistical and analytical studies on the sending and receiving of emails to improve the supply of services to which the user is subscribed and provide information that may be of interest .


Why are they important?

- From a technical standpoint , allow websites work more flexible and tailored to the preferences of users , such as storing the language, currency or detect access device.

- Establish safety and security levels that preclude or hinder cyber attacks against the site or its users .

- Allow media managers can learn statistical data compiled cookies to improve the quality and experience of their services.

- They are used to optimize the advertising we display to users, offering the most suited to their interests.

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